Pierre Coombes, a renowned author and entrepreneur, is the visionary founder and managing director behind the Big Wolf Marketing Group, a leading international B2B marketing agency. With a track record of propelling thousands of companies, from innovative tech startups to global multinationals, towards heightened sales success, Coombes is celebrated as one of the UK’s premier B2B sales experts. His deep expertise in sales and lead generation has made a significant impact on the industry. Additionally, Coombes co-founded Feuas, a prestigious luxury fragrance brand based in Paris, known for its exquisite limited-edition seasonal scents.

Events & Media

Pierre is also a highly sought-after speaker, renowned for his insightful presentations on sales, marketing, and entrepreneurship at prestigious international events. He has captivated audiences at the Forbes Best of Africa Summit in Lisbon and the Euro Knowledge Awards at the House of Lords in London. His expertise has been shared with students and professionals alike, having delivered compelling talks on advertising at Reading University and on entrepreneurship and careers to students of Pangbourne Naval College, his alma mater.

Beyond his speaking engagements, Pierre has made numerous appearances on various television and news programs, including BBC One, further solidifying his status as a thought leader in his field.


Pierre has authored several influential books on sales and business, including the Amazon bestseller “Think it. Pitch it. Sell it,” which presents sales and marketing techniques through an engaging and lighthearted narrative. Another notable work is “The Telesales Manual,” a comprehensive guide tailored to the sales industry. Much like his speeches, Pierre’s writing excels in transforming complex ideas into clear, relatable stories, inspiring and educating his readers with practical insights and actionable strategies.


In addition to his active, hands-on leadership within his marketing group and strategic involvement with his fragrance brand, Pierre also provides exclusive consulting services to a select group of clients. His expertise spans high-ticket sales and marketing strategies to advanced sales coaching, enabling businesses at the forefront of various industries to achieve exceptional growth and success.