Telesales Coaching

Pierre Coombes BBC

Are you struggling when it comes to Telesales? Perhaps you simply want to improve so you can sell more or increase results within your business and drive sales.

Pierre Coombes is a UK leading Sales & Marketing expert, a specialist in the vertical of Telesales / Telemarketing, running Telemarketing agency Big Wolf Marketing.

Pierre can help as your Telesales coach, whether you need support building a great telesales call script/sales pitch or maybe you need help with objection handling, with over 16 years experience in sales having worked with hundreds of companies worldwide, look no further.

All the top athletes have coaches, popstars have vocal coaches, event top fortune 500 CEO and Billionaires have coaches to maximise their results and achieve their goals in various areas of their life and their business.

If you want to elevate your skills and master sector and win more deals by selling better, from the very basic to high-end sales, Pierre is the perfect Telesales coach for you.

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