Call That Hard Work (BBC One)

Call That Hard Work

So I took part in a New TV series called ‘Call that hard work’. It’s a series that goes behind the veil of workplaces and follows 3 different jobs to see which 1 is harder.

I was up against a Head Housekeeper and a Vineyard Manager, it was fun filming the show, though the days were very long. I believe the show is in a come dine with me / 4 in a bed style, a light humored daytime show going out in the afternoon.

I’m somewhat nervous about how I’ll have been portrayed and hope that it doesn’t subtract from the difficulty or importance of the work I do for my clients.

TV companies are very clever with their editing, and how production frame things. But I’m hoping it shows with a lighthearted nature that sales & marketing more specifically Telemarketing is indeed a tough role.

I’m passionate about sales and my business, I’m sure this will come across even if its a heighten representation or cartoon version of myself.

I’ll be watching with anticipation and nerves, but hope that it will be enlighting and funny watching, I know for sure that we had a good few laughs in the filming. but take it with a pinch of salt.

I’ll post a link to the BBC website when the show is available online.

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